Join the team

It’s not a Career - it’s a lifestyle

Stop working to make a living and start living to make a fortune

We believe our people are special realtors, we are all committed to ongoing education and development to ensure we continue to grow and achieve great results for our customers

Haverys has no desire for world domination in the real estate market like so many do. We are building our business and relationships with people like you in our local community’s first.

You’ll be helping to shape one of New Zealand’s most dynamic smaller franchise groups – as well as your own career path.

Don’t let the words smaller franchise groups faze you.  Harveys have a secret weapon - a big brother called LJ Hooker.  We get to be a very competitive team, unique in who we are as a group but when needed we have the power to flex our muscles when needed – We have the best of both Real Estate worlds.

Open for enthusiasm

What is it we all have in common?

Companies aren’t buildings. Or logos. Or ads online or in the newspaper. Companies are people - And when you work for Harveys and LJ Hooker you are an ambassador for our brand. Our brand has a unique set of values – which makes us ‘us’ – and set us apart from every other real estate network in New Zealand.

Working at the heart of our communities

Many opportunities exist within our business for you to join and create a success story of your own. They range from owning your own Harveys franchise business to building a career in Sales, Property Management, Technology, Marketing, Finance and more.

If you are considering this industry as a new career, you need to talk to us

Get your Education (National Certificate) with us

With over 200 people who have completed their national certificate with us in the last 18 months shows you this really works. If you’re thinking of starting the course and want to save some time and money give us a call

Start your career with Harveys and our program will give you a head start in your business

We can help you through the rocky road to become ready to join this wonderful industry.

Timing is everything and we can help you with a fast smooth start into the business.

Harveys have a business relationship with the Skills Organization and this means we can help you take your dream from a vision to reality all in-house.

We will guide you and introduce you into the business even before you qualify.  This is a unique introduction process you can take advantage of from inside the office you select to join.

How does it work “Harveys and the Skills”

  • Start your papers with us and save money
  • Work inside the office as you learn
  • Know the system and people before you start
  • Take part in open homes as administrations assistance as you study
  • Watch the professional and how they get the business done
  • Enjoy the induction train sooner and get your 100-day plan underway as soon as you qualify
  • Direct contact with your team and the corporate team who will help you get your business on track
  • KPMG Accountants will guide you and your business as your needs grow (very simple accounting package at a very competitive cost)