Local Community

Building relationships in the community is equally as important as building our business.

Working at the heart of our communities

At its core Real Estate is ultimately about helping people find a property they can call their own. It is a basic human need. The concept of a home sits at the very heart of what makes a strong community.

A large part of Harveys DNA lies in our true Kiwi spirit of the towns and cities we operate in, and that is why Harveys offices are embedded in the causes that strive to help New Zealand communities.

Many opportunities exist within our business for you to join and create a success story of your own. They range from owning your own Harveys franchise business to building a career in Sales, Property Management, Technology, Marketing, Finance and more.

If you are considering working for us, you need to determine whether the opportunity you are looking for exists at a Corporate Headquarters level or within our broader network of offices

Community minded. Community spirited.

We believe that a community is much more than simply the houses within it. It’s the spirit you find there that makes your area feel like home. The strongest, most vibrant communities are those always happy to lend a hand where it’s needed.

We see being a caring, involved community member as a vital part of our role in local areas wherever we have a presence. Over the years, we’ve teamed up with communities throughout New Zealand making a difference in so many ways with and for so many kiwis who need our help.  But it’s at the local level where we feel we make the greatest difference. Whether it’s working to help schools or improve amenities, lending Harveys marquees to charity events, or reaching out to those in need, you’ll find us in and around your own community.

Harveys is a big advocate of community based marketing and we have always encouraged our offices and people to play an active role in their local community.