Benefits of Using a Property Manager

Why use a Harveys property manager?

Managing a portfolio, or even single property, can be a time-consuming investment. There are many benefits to using a Harveys agent:

Getting the right tenants

The team at Harveys take all the hassle out of managing and maintaining your property. Our first step will be to ensure you get the right tenants - the Harveys brand naturally attracts a significant volume of prospective tenants and our detailed processes for checking applications will ensure your rental income is secure.

Take care of the legal stuff

Private owners are bound by the same legal requirements as agents in their dealings with tenants. This means that if you are taking the task on yourself, you will need to stay up to date with constantly-changing legislations. Our agents are fully fluent in legal jargon and are great at explaining it.

Choosing a Harveys agent to manage your investment property can be a wise decision that may save you time and money over the long term

Upkeep and repair

We'll also keep on top of the maintenance at your property and will contact you immediately in the event an issue arises. Most professional Real Estate Agents have a select range of tradespeople they deal with on a regular basis so they can therefore be a very useful connection to have when a repair needs to be attended to urgently or after hours.

When you choose an agent to manage your investment property, they can act as an intermediary between you and the tenant. This is particularly useful in the event of any problems that arise during the tenancy – your Harveys agent can help to moderate the situation and prevent any ill-feeling over late or unpaid rent and repairs.