Harveys - Property Investment Specialists

If you are keen to purchase a home to let, the residential team at Harveys can help you through every stage of your property investment.

Your agent can assist with everything, from finding the house, to getting the ideal tenants and ensuring you meet your legal responsibilities as a landlord.

We will take the hassle out of everything from the day to day financials to the maintenance – and all the details in between.

Buying your investment property

When it comes to purchasing an investment property, there are several things to consider. An apartment or other unit title property is a significantly different prospect than buying a house, so you will need to think carefully about the pros or cons of each, as well as the type of tenant you want to attract.

For example, you may need to budget for Body Corporate levies or consider your property’s location with regards to schools, cafés, restaurants and other amenities.

Your Harveys Agent is ideally placed to provide you with in-depth knowledge about your local area across many cities, major towns and suburbs around New Zealand, we offer years of experience with local markets.

From start to finish, we can help you through every stage of your property transaction - as well as the subsequent responsibilities associated with letting a home or apartment. 

Managing your investment property

Once you have chosen your investment property and made your purchase, Harveys can help you manage your new property.

Our agents can assist you with every step of the process including helping you to attract a tenant with an excellent rental history, managing tenancy and condition reports.

Private investors may not have the detailed knowledge for the huge range of scenarios that can arise over the course of a tenancy - or the legal paperwork that may be required as a result. A professional Harveys agent can help you navigate these issues as and when they arise and ensure all requirements are met.

Your Harveys agent can also ensure you remain up-to-date with current conditions in the market and can allow you to achieve the best rental price possible. We can also help you find a high-quality landlord protection insurance policy - some of the best ones are generally not available to private investors without an agent managing the property.