Renting with Harveys

If you are looking for property to rent in New Zealand, Harveys should be your first port of call.

Harveys understands your busy schedule so we have come up with innovative solutions to ensure your rental journey is as efficient and straightforward as possible.

From easy online searches and applications, Harveys can provide ongoing support and guide you through every stage of the rental process.

With a franchise in most of the country's major towns and suburbs, you'll find your Harveys Agent is perfectly placed to offer valuable insight into your local area.

Finding the perfect home to rent

Whether you are planning a local move or relocating to another city, Harveys can help you find the perfect property to rent.

The rental property search on our website is updated regularly, or you could make the most of our agents' knowledge of the local area by visiting one of our franchises.

Once you see a property you like, you can make an application with a Harveys representative.

Renting a property is easy with Harveys

Depending on your location, you will have several options when it comes to paying your rent.

These are largely determined by individual Harveys offices, and you will need to confirm these with your Harveys agent. One of the more popular options is using automated payments through your bank.

We'll also assist you with organising any maintenance or repairs you may require during the course of your tenancy and answer any other questions about renting that may arise.

No matter what type of property you’re renting, you'll find that Harveys can help guide you through the entire process, leaving you with more time to enjoy your new accommodation.