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Global understanding, Global success

Without doubt the NZ market in all sectors remains of global interest, particularly the rural industry and its diversity. Over a sustained period of time we have opened doors others have struggled to from being a small and somewhat less visible entity we have amassed some of the largest sales in both Forestry and traditional farming enterprises. 
Over a number of years we have attracted high net-worth local and international interest that has seen relationships form with some of NZ most formidable landholders and international fund managers.
We prefer to approach and manage much of our tier one markets with a degree of privacy that ensures sizable transactions can take place without the traditional media awareness and scrutiny. This affords both parties who are selling and buying confidentiality throughout the whole process.
We are seasoned at OIA assessment and the due diligence process that it involves equally we are accustomed in dealing with syndicated local representatives that require a high level of anonymity. This approach and understanding has without doubt attracted a different calibre of client to our model and we’ve enjoyed the representation and association some of our larger clients have demanded of us and in turn performance we have delivered.
We are significantly resourced to deal with all aspects of the sales process both from afar and on the ground. Our unique approach ensures our clients are well informed, well aware and duly notified upon any news that is of a pertinent nature.



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